An infrastructure crisis?

In the 2016 presidential campaign, both frontrunner candidates claimed they wanted to increase infrastructure spending in America. Since the election, that sentiment has continued across the country. At Strong Towns, we have a very different perspective. In a nation that has spent more than seven decades frantically spreading out, there are trillions of dollars of unproductive infrastructure already in the ground today waiting for us to make better use of. 

At Strong Towns, we see that our cities, towns and neighborhoods are dripping with opportunity. These opportunities are not of the mega-project variety. They are small -- seemingly beneath us, perhaps -- but they can positively transform everything about how we live our lives.

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Interested in seeing how these concepts apply in your city? Bring Strong Towns to your community for a presentation about America's infrastructure crisis and how your city can get the best return on investment for its infrastructure developments.


We interviewed several leaders from around the country for their thoughts on federal infrastructure spending. Here's what they had to say:

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